Second International Symposium on Intelligent Data Analysis
Birkbeck College, University of London
4th-6th August 1997

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The IDA 97 Proceedings - (LNCS Vol 1280. X Liu, P Cohen, M Berthold (Eds). Advances in Intelligent Data Analysis. Reasoning about Data. Springer-Verlag 1997. ISBN 3-540-63346-4) have been selected as the first fully online publication in the Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) series.

IDA 97 Conference Program

IDA 97 Registration Information

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Camera Ready Papers
Authors of accepted papers are required to submit an electronic version of their revised paper by May 15th 1997. It is expected that the questions raised by the reviewers will be addressed adequately in the final version. Papers have to be formatted following Springer-Verlag's
Advice to Authors for the Preparation of Contributions to LNCS Proceedings. and in contrast to the submitted papers, 2 extra pages are allowed, making it a total of 12 pages per paper.
The LaTeX source file, along with a postscript version can be submitted via eMail to berthold@ira.uka.de or via anonymous ftp to: goethe.ira.uka.de. Put files into the directory pub/ida97/incoming and send a quick note via eMail (please use filenames that include your paper-number or one author's name to make identification easy).
Due to the tight timeframe we require submission of papers by May 15th 1997. Papers arriving later than that will not be included in the conference proceedings.

For many years the intersection of computing and data analysis contained menu-based statistics packages and not much else. Recently, statisticians have embraced computing, computer scientists are using statistical theories and methods, and researchers in all corners are inventing algorithms to find structure in vast online datasets. Data analysts now have access to tools for exploratory data analysis, decision tree induction, causal induction, function finding, constructing customised reference distributions, and visualisation. There are prototype intelligent assistants to advise on matters of design and analysis. There are tools for traditional, relatively small samples and for enormous datasets.

The focus of IDA-97 will be "Reasoning About Data". We are interested in intelligent systems that reason about how to analyze data, perhaps as human analysts do. Analysts often bring exogenous knowledge about data to bear when they decide how to analyze it; they use intermediate results to decide how to proceed; they reason about how much analysis the data will actually support; they consider which methods will be most informative; they decide which aspects of a model are most uncertain and focus attention there; they sometimes have the luxury of collecting more data, and plan to do so efficiently. In short, there is a strategic aspect to data analysis, beyond the tactical choice of this or that test, visualisation or variable.

IDA-95, the First International Symposium on Intelligent Data Analysis, was organised to provide an international forum for the discussion of such issues. The symposium took place in Germany and attracted participants from 20 countries in four continents. A survey after the event supported the idea of making IDA a regular, biennial conference. IDA-97 will be a major international, high-quality meeting that brings together a broad spectrum of work.
IDA-95 Conference Report(A4, PostScript) [45k], gzipped version[18k]

The following topics are of particular interest to IDA-97:

Participants who wish to present a paper are requested to submit a manuscript, not exceeding 10 single-spaced pages. We strongly encourage that the manuscript is formatted following Springer-Verlag's
Advice to Authors for the Preparation of Contributions to LNCS Proceedings. This submission format is identical to the one for the final camera-ready copy of accepted papers. In addition, we request a separate page detailing the paper title, authors names, postal and email addresses, phone and fax numbers.
Email submissions in Postscript form are encouraged. Otherwise, five hard copies of the manuscripts should be submitted. Submissions should be sent to the IDA-97 Program Chairs:

Central, North and South America:        Elsewhere:
Paul Cohen                               Xiaohui Liu
Department of Computer Science           Department of Computer Science
Lederle Graduate Research Center	 Birkbeck College
University of Massachusetts, Amherst     Malet Street
Amherst, MA 01003-4610                   London WC1E 7HX
USA                                      UK
E-mail: cohen@cs.umass.edu               E-mail: hui@dcs.bbk.ac.uk


February 1st, 1997 Submission of papers April 15th, 1997 Notification of acceptance May 15th, 1997 Final camera ready paper

All submissions will be reviewed on the basis of relevance, originality, significance, soundness and clarity. At least two referees will review each submission independently. Results of the review will be sent to the first author via email, unless requested otherwise.

Papers which are accepted and presented at the conference will appear in the IDA-97 proceedings, to be published by
Springer-Verlag in its Lecture Notes in Computer Science series. Authors of the best papers will be invited to extend their papers for inclusion in a second round of review for a special issue of Intelligent Data Analysis: An International Journal.

IDA-97 will be held in the newly-furnished conference halls at
Birkbeck College, University of London. The college is ranked among the leading UK university institutions for its levels of national and international excellence in research in the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences. It is situated in central London, surrounded by many of the well-known museums, theatres, restaurants, and shops. It is directly reachable from Heathrow, Gatwick and Stanstead airports and the main London railway stations. There are some relevant links about the UK at the end of this document.

IDA-97 welcomes demonstrations of software and publications related to intelligent data analysis. For exhibitor details click
here (HTML) or here (Adobe Acrobat file) For an exhibitor registration form click here (HTML) or here (Adobe Acrobat file)

IDA-97 welcomes those organisations who may wish to partly sponsor the conference. Sponsorship of an international conference in an important emerging field such as IDA-97 will ensure high visibility for the benefactor, both through the appearance of the organisation logo on promotional literature and in references to the conference in all media exposure prior to and after the event.

IDA-97 Organisation

General Chair:            Xiaohui Liu

Program Chairs:           Paul Cohen, Xiaohui Liu

Steering Com. Chair:      Paul Cohen, University of Massachusetts, USA

Exhibition Chair:         Richard Weber, MIT GmbH, Aachen, Germany

Finance Chair:            Sylvie Jami, Birkbeck College, UK

Local Arrangements Chair: Trevor Fenner, Birkbeck College, UK

Public. and Proc. Chair:  Michael Berthold, University of Karlsruhe, Germany

Sponsorship Chair:        Mihaela Ulieru, Simon Fraser University, Canada

Steering Committee

Michael Berthold          University of Karlsruhe, Germany
Fazel Famili              National Research Council, Canada
Doug Fisher               Vanderbilt University, USA
Alex Gammerman            Royal Holloway London, UK
David J Hand              The Open University, UK
Wenling Hsu               AT&T Consumer Lab, USA
Xiaohui Liu               Birkbeck College, UK
Daryl Pregibon            AT&T Research, USA
Evangelos Simoudis        IBM Almaden Research, USA

Program Committee

Eric Backer               Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Riccardo Bellazzi         University of Pavia, Italy
Michael Berthold          University of Karlsruhe, Germany
Carla Brodley             Purdue University, USA
Gongxian Cheng            Birkbeck College, UK
David Dowe                Monash University,  Australia
Fazel Famili              National Research Council, Canada
Julian Faraway            University of Michigan, USA
Thomas Feuring            WWU Muenster, Germany
Alex Gammerman            Royal Holloway London, UK
David J Hand              The Open University, UK
Rainer Holve              Forwiss Erlangen, Germany
Wenling Hsu               AT&T Consumer Lab, USA
Larry Hunter              National Library of Medicine, USA
David Jensen              University of Massachusetts, USA
Frank Klawonn             University of Braunschweig, Germany
David Lubinsky            University of Witwatersrand, South Africa
Ramon Lopez de Mantaras   Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, Spain
Sylvia Miksch             Stanford University, USA
Rob Milne                 Intelligent Applications Ltd, UK
Gholamreza Nakhaeizadeh   Daimler-Benz Forschung und Technik, Germany
Claire Nedellec           Universite Paris-Sud, France
Erkki Oja                 Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
Henri Prade               University Paul Sabatier, France
Daryl Pregibon            AT&T Research, USA
Peter Ross                University of Edinburgh, UK
Steven Roth               Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Lorenza Saitta            University of Torino, Italy
Peter Selfridge           AT&T Research, USA
Rosaria Silipo            University of Florence, Italy
Evangelos Simoudis        IBM Almaden Research, USA
Derek Sleeman             University of Aberdeen, UK
Paul Snow                 Consultant, USA
Rob St. Amant             North Carolina State University, USA
Lionel Tarassenko	  Oxford University, UK
John Taylor               King's College London, UK
Loren Terveen             AT&T Research, USA
Hans-Juergen Zimmermann   RWTH Aachen, Germany


General:             Xiaohui Liu
                     Department of Computer Science
                     Birkbeck College
                     Malet Street
                     London WC1E 7HX, UK
                     E-mail: hui@dcs.bbk.ac.uk
                     Tel: (+44) 171 631 6711
                     Fax: (+44) 171 631 6727

Technical Program: Paul Cohen Department of Computer Science Lederle Graduate Research Center University of Massachusetts, Amherst Amherst, MA 01003-4610 USA E-mail: cohen@cs.umass.edu Tel: (+1) 413 545 3638 Fax: (+1) 413 545 1249

Exhibition: Richard Weber MIT GmbH Promenade 9 52076 Aachen Germany E-mail: rw@mitgmbh.de Tel: (+49) 2408 94580 Fax: (+49) 2408 94582

Finance: Sylvie Jami Department of Computer Science Birkbeck College Malet Street London WC1E 7HX, UK E-mail: ubacr70@dcs.bbk.ac.uk Tel: (+44) 171 631 6726 Fax: (+44) 171 631 6727

Local Arrangements: Trevor Fenner Department of Computer Science Birkbeck College Malet Street London WC1E 7HX, UK E-mail: ida97-lachair@dcs.bbk.ac.uk Tel: (+44) 171 631 6704 Fax: (+44) 171 631 6727

Publicity & Michael Berthold Publication: Universitaet Karlsruhe, IRF Am Zirkel 2 (bldg 20.20, rm 161) 76131 Karlsruhe, Germany E-mail: berthold@ira.uka.de Tel: (+49) 721 608 4219 Fax: (+49) 721 370 455

Sponsorship: Mihaela Ulieru Simon Fraser University 2357 Riverside Drive, North Vancouver, B.C. Canada, V7H 1V8 E-mail: ulieru@cs.sfu.ca Tel: (+1) 604 924 1001 Fax: (+1) 604 924 1006

IDA-97 poster (A4, PostScript) [673k], gzipped version [50k].
IDA-97 poster (US Letter, PostScript) [673k], gzipped version [50k].

There is also an IDA-97 mailing list.
To subscribe, send the word "subscribe" in the message body to ida97-request@dcs.bbk.ac.uk

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