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Ontological Knowledge Engineering for Cultural Heritage of Andean Textiles

  • Speaker: Dr Immanuel Normann
  • Date: Friday, 20 July 2012 from 11:00 to 12:00
  • Location: LKL

Andean civilisations have used weaving for conveying information for a very long time. In contrast to alphabetic writing, cultural knowledge in these civilisations has been communicated and preserved in textiles of very complex patterns and structures. Academic studies worldwide are dedicated to the deciphering of such patterns as well as to the reconstruction and conservation of Andean weaving practice.

We pursue in our project an ontological approach to systematize the knowledge in this research domain. To this end we developed ontological models for various aspects that are relevant in this context (archeology, iconography, technique, structure, etc.) and filled them with concrete data about complex Andean textile objects. Models and data are implemented as RDF triples and stored in a triple store with some ontological reasoning support. The content will be retrievable via a SPARQL interface.

In my presentation I will report on the major challenges of knowledge engineering in our project - comprising methodologies, workflows, and tools for ontology development. Apart from that, I will discuss workarounds to overcome the limited support of reasoning in available open source triple stores. My presentation might be also considered as a case study on putting the theory of formal ontologies (with reasoning) to practice in a complex field of cultural heritage.