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Sending and Forgetting: Flooding and Self-Healing Routing over Low Memory Nodes

  • Speaker: Dr. Amitabh Trehan, Department of Computer Science and Information Systems, Loughborough University
  • Date: Tuesday, 5 March 2019 from 17:00 to 18:00
  • Location: Room 151

Imagine a network where every user is very aggressive about forwarding the messages they receive (like hyperactive WhatsApp users). Only constraint is that they don’t send it back to the users they received the message from in the same round. However, they quickly forget all this information and will forward the same message if they get it again! Will this process ever stop? We have a somewhat surprising result.

We look at the role of a node's memory in a distributed memory in more detail. In particular, we introduce the Compact Local Streaming (CLS) model where the nodes have limited local memory but yet support a larger number of neighbours using a streaming style local computation. We briefly revisit flooding and discuss compact routing and compact self-healing routing over peer-to-peer overlay networks in this context.