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Advanced Web Authoring

Short name: WA
SITS code: BUCI051H5
Credits: 15 credits
Level: 5


  • to develop expertise in creating and publishing professional quality websites using an industry-standard web authoring tools.
  • to build on the HTML5 and CSS3 skills developed in Introduction to Web Authoring.


  • Authoring Tool Basics: Creating websites using range of techniques to ensure that websites can be maintained and conform to standards. Libraries, stylesheets, templates.
  • Standards: HTML5, CSS3. Browser differences. Semantic structure.
  • Accessibility: Optimising site accessibility, building accessible tables and forms in XHTML.
  • Management tools for publishing websites.
  • Tools: Validation, accessibility and browser compatibility testing.


  • Introduction to Web Authoring or equivalent.
  • Good knowledge of authoring with HTML and some knowledge of CSS.
  • Good knowledge of web design: colour theory, font management, page layout.


All dates and timetables are listed in the programme handbooks of individual programmes.