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Introduction to Web Authoring

Short name: IN
SITS code: SSCS004H4
Credits: 15 credits
Level: 4


  • to design and build a website for a case study small business or optionally for an organisation of the students' choice
  • to validate a website so that it complies with current web standards (HTML5 and CSS3)
  • to publish a website online
  • to encourage students to acquire self-study skills so they can keep up in the context of rapidly-changing technologies, tools, techniques and methods.


  • Web Page Authoring: Web page authoring using web standards for HTML5 and CSS3. Browser differences. Validators.
  • Web Design: Colour theory. Layout and typography. Accessibility. Storyboarding. Sitemap. Planning website architecture.
  • Web Publishing: FTP File Transfer Protocol
  • Legal issues: Copyright and IPR


  • Basic PC and internet skills.
  • File compression tools (compress files, extract compressed files using WinZip)
  • Folder and file management (create, rename and organise folders, recognise filetypes from their file extension, change folder options)
  • Searching the web using a browser (save a web page, view a page source, open local files, adding to favourites, change browser settings, use History menu, download resources)


All dates and timetables are listed in the programme handbooks of individual programmes.