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Systems Analysis and Design I

Short name: SAD1
SITS code: COIY016H4
Credits: 15
Level: 4
Module leader: Felix Reidl
Lecturer(s): Felix Reidl

Module outline

The goal of this module is to introduce the basic concepts of information systems and basic techniques for systems analysis & design.


On completion of this course a sound student will

  • have a preliminary understanding of object oriented technology;
  • know a process through which information systems are developed;
  • be able to build requirements models for information systems using UML 2.


  • What Are Information Systems
  • Problems in Information Systems Development
  • Avoiding the Problems
  • What Is Object-Orientation
  • Modelling Concepts
  • Requirements Capture
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Refining the Requirements Model
  • Object Interaction
  • Specifying Operations
  • System Design
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Software Development Methodologies



Timetables, locations and term dates

Programme specific timetables are listed in the handbooks available for each programme. Please consult the relevant programme page.

Enrolled students can find their personal teaching timetable and the location of classes on their My Birkbeck profile.


The coursework includes two in-class tests and one group project.


Coursework (20%) and Examination (80%).

Recommended reading

Bennet S, McRobb S & Farmer R (2010): Object-Oriented Systems Analysis and Design using UML, 4/e, McGraw-Hill. ISBN 0077125363