The general aim of CASE technology is to provide automated tools to aid analysts and programmers in the development of software during all the phases of the systems development life cycle (SDLC). The state of the art in CASE includes diagramming tools, prototyping tools, code generators and project management tools. The foundation of any CASE environment is the information repository which stores data definitions, graphics and other information related to the system being designed. One of the key problems facing CASE is the inefficiency of software development due to lack of integration of the tools supporting the different stages of the SDLC. Related problems are the poor quality of the software produced and the lack of effective management of the diverse data in the information repository.

In this paper we propose a software engineering-oriented database system based on a new formal model, called the hypernode model. The objective of this database system is to establish a new uniform basis for supporting software design and development, addressing the shortcomings of existing approaches identified above.