Data Transformation/Integration

In order to more effectively support users' requirements, applications may need to integrate information from a variety of distributed, heterogeneous data sources. Conflicts may exist between these data sources, and so tools and techniques are needed for detecting conflicts and removing them through appropriate transformations.

My current interests are in ontology-assisted data integration and data integration in data spaces.

In earlier work we developed a framework for transforming and integrating schemas and data which can be applied to a variety of integration methodologies. In that framework, different data models are specified in terms of a hypergraph-based meta-model. A key feature of our framework is that the schema/data transformations are reversible and can be used to automatically translate data, queries and updates between different schemas and data sources. Our integration approach, which we term both-as-view (BAV), can be used to derive global-as-view (GAV), local-as-view (LAV) and indeed global-local-as-view (GLAV) integration rules.

We developed a toolkit supporting BAV as part of the AutoMed project. The AutoMed toolkit has been used for biological data integration in the BIOMAP and ISPIDER projects, medical data integration in the ASSIST project, and e-learning systems interoperability in the MyPlan project The BAV approach can support evolution of both source and integrated schemas; integration of semi-structured and text data sources; and lineage tracing for data items in integrated schemas and in results from global queries.

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