8.3. An overview of the finished application

It is suggested that the finished application would be one directed at people interested in creative tools, and that the mixing of rhythms from one break beat with the kit sounds from others could produce some very varied results. The advantage of software tools that remove much of the laborious areas from the creative process is in the provided ability to suddenly experiment in many different areas at great speed.
Going into more detail, it is suggested that if the user is presented with a visual representation of the break to be identified (similar to figure 2
), labelling of each drum can appear on the screen as soon as identification is made (a fast process). Any incorrect classifications could easily be corrected by the user, perhaps with a right mouse click at the position on the screen of the drum, or perhaps errors could be left alone to produce further rhythmic diversity when mixing sounds and rhythms. Either way, the automated cataloguing of the drum samples and the MIDI file constituting the rhythm would save a great deal of time for the user.