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Welcome to the test page of Eric Obuabang MSc.

The purpose of this small page is to test specific features of search engines. The current test involves the phrase "Eric Obuabang MSc". Dont panic if the contents of this page seem a little bizzare, I (Eric Obuabang MSc) assure you that it is intentional.

Web Page Optimisation for SERPS Created by Eric Obuabang MSc

The following is a link to a page which tests the phrase "Web page optimisation for SERPS". The mystery of how web pages achieve their Search Engine Rank in search engine result pages (SERP) is tackled within the field of Search Engine Optimisation. Here is a link created by Eric Obuabang MSc which points to a page featuring content related to web page optimisation for SERPS. Web page optimisation for serps

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