George Roussos

Professor of Pervasive Computing


Malet Street 266

Department of Computer Science and Information Systems
Birkbeck College
University of London
Malet Street
London WC1E 7HX, UK

email: g.roussos (at)

tel: + 44 20 7631 6324

fax: + 44 20 7631 6727

Pervasive and mobile computing

I conduct experimental systems research in pervasive computing. With distributed systems as my point of departure, I currently explore human dynamics as a core ingredient of urban and social pervasive computing systems.

I am especially interested in the implications of this new computing paradigm for society at large, for example in creating Smart Cities, and also for self-care, for extending the museum experience and in retail.


New book with Shin'ichi Konomi on Smart Cities and the Internet of Things

Check out the recent ITU Special Session on the IoT and this Guardian article on the IoT and public sector projects

Follow news coverage of the Batphone, the app we build for IoZ for the iBats project.

Upcoming events

PerCom 2017 : IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications

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