George Roussos

Senior Lecturer

Open source software

  • utrobot software developed for the Feral Robots project. Developed by Dima Diall and modified by me. New version for Snout by Jenson Taylor supporting new sensors and the scavenging mode. The download includes hardware schematics by Dimitris Airantzis.
  • Escalation software implementing our complex event detection method by Michael Zoumboulakis.
  • TinyOS on the IMEC sensor cube platfrom. Developed by K. Raja, I. Daskalopoulos and H. Diall for their MSc project. Updated in Feb 2006 by Dima Diall and Tom Torfs.
  • John Roussos has developed an implementation of the early EPC Information Service specification using a native XML database (page in greek).

Runtime releases

  • 2-player game of life. Java applet that implements the game as described in our paper (requires compliant JVM).