We are currently hiring. Have a look at what position is currently available. We look forward to your application should you see yourself as a fit to the advertised role.

Pastry Assistant

We are recruiting a skilled pastry assistants to join our fabulous Cake team.

About the job:
This is a great chance for you to work in a growing and successful little bakery, with great opportunities for your professional development in the industry. If you have years of experience or you have never even worked in a bakery before, it might as well be that you are the perfect addition to our Cake team.

This is what you would be doing:

  • Producing baked goods and various pastries
  • Decorating products
  • Produce high quality products based on our own recipes
  • Ingredient preparation
  • Good knowledge of equipment and tools including basic kitchen machinery and maintenance
  • Working on a flexible schedule based on the needs of the Cake team
  • Maintain the best food hygiene

This should be you:

  • Able to get to the bakery easily
  • You have a good command of the English language, both written and spoken
  • You work well in a team
  • Reliable
  • Hard worker
  • Can carry out physical work

Employment type:
Full time, permanent, 40 hours / week

How to apply:
It's easy! Send us your CV and a cover letter and we will get back to you. Your cover letter should include reasons why you think you would be suitable for the role of Pastry Assistant. You can find our email address on the Contact Us page.

Meet our staff

Katie our head of cakes

Head of Cakes

Katie has been with Love of Loaf Bakery since eight years. Thanks to her hard work she was promoted to Head of Cakes five years ago and since then manages everything related to cakes. From creating a new signature cake for the upcoming season to multiple storey wedding cakes, she oversees it all.