A breadWe at Love of Loaf offer you a great selection of bread. All our products are produced in-house. This means we are not using any ready made dough or flour mixtures. We are proud that even our sourdough, an important ingredient in many breads, is prepared by our staff daily. So you always have fresh produce throughout the day of breadrolls and pretzels, we do bake several times a day.


A pastry Suitable to every time of the year and for every occasion we at Love of Loaf also provide the best cakes and the most delicious pastries. In addition, we can produce cakes tailored to your every needs and wishes. Talk to us about a cake for your wedding or any other celebration. Also our Cake team is only using natural ingredients for all our produce.


A cup of coffee We get our coffee from a local coffee roaster. Exactly like Love of Loaf they emphasize on best quality and freshness. At our store you can enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee either in store together with some cake or, if you need to get somewhere, you can have it to go. Our modern espresso machines help us to fulfil your every wish to any type of coffe. Be it a Latte, Cappuccino or a strong Flat White. The taste is unique and will convince you.