Web Technologies Lecture Plan
MSc in Advanced Information Systems

The focus of the lecture module is on technologies that help us understand:
  1. The structure of the web - web metrics.

  2. Find information on the web - search and navigation.

  3. How people use the web - web data mining.

What do you need to know:
  1. HTML - to build web pages; you will learn XML in the Internet Applications module.

  2. Java - to program, and the relevant APIs.

  3. JavaScript - for dynamic web pages.

Lectures planed:
  1. How the WWW operates - some history and the terminology (1 lecture).

  2. The structure of the web - size of the web, bow tie model,  power laws on the web (1 lecture).
  3. Link analysis on the web (especially Google's PageRank) (2 lectures).
  4. Searching the web - search engine technology (2 lectures).

  5. Navigating the web (1 lecture).

  6. Web usage mining (1 lecture).

  7. Recommender Systems and Collaborative filtering (1 lecture).

    Labs planed:
  1. Design and Implement your home page, and learn about search engine placement (1 lab).

  2. How rankings of query results change on search engines (1 lab).

  3. Web crawling (2 labs).

  4. Web usage mining from server logs (1 lab).

  5. Learn about bookmarklets (1 lab).

  6. Calculating PageRank scores (1 lab).
  7. Learn about RSS - Really Simple Syndication (2 labs).