Web Page Optimisation for SERPS

SERPS Optimisation

The web is one of the biggest things in the world and there are millions of pages on it, this is the best way for marketers to advertise their content. The most important thing for them is the search engine result page also known as SERPs.

Search engine results are the pages or links that are presented to users when they’re searching for something online. Typical search engines are Google, Bing Yahoo etc. Every SERP is different from each other as they all customize their search terms such as users browsing history and location settings. The most important thing for websites and company’s is to rank as high as possible in search engines when specific information or keywords are entered.

There are three types of internet searches:

Information searches are where the user enters information on a specific topic, so not many advertisements will be displayed. Navigational searches are when the user is trying to locate a specific website, this could be because they cant remember the URL. Transactional searches are when users are searching and paid results are most likely to be displayed first, these searches could include keywords such as buying, purchase and other terms. Paid results are where advertisers have paid for them to be displayed on the website when certain searches are made.