Nick Larsson

I am a researcher in the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems at Birkbeck, University of London.

I am working on the Mapping Museums: The history and geography of the UK independent sector 1960-2020 project with Dr Fiona Candlin, Reader in Museum Studies, and Alex Poulovassilis, Professor of Computer Science, to map and analyse the emergence, character and development of the UK independent museums sector from 1960-2020.

The project uses semantic technologies to model and link datasets to help answer the arts research questions and in my role as a data modeller and visualisation developer. The development uses Python,JavaScript,Bootstrap,RDF,OWL and various visualistion packages for the web. Data is stored in a Virtuoso linked data store.

My research interests include:

  • Semantic technologies, architecture and modelling
  • Data modelling
  • Research and development processes
  • Solution architecure for semantic systems
  • Vocabulary driven architecture using semantic technologies
  • Knowledge management
I am a TOGAF certified architect and before joining Birkbeck I was an architect in the Data Science section in the R/D department of Syngenta, refer to my CV. I have worked in Research and Development since the start of my career and now have 30 years of experience in how you create a successful research department.

Selected publications

PrepIFS - Global modelling via the Internet.
PrepIFS, a software infrastructure tool for climate research in Europe.
Earth System Modelling - Software, Tools and Environment. Springer Press.
VALMUE: Linking Process Operations with Training and Engineering through On-line Simulation and Simulation Data Management , Computers and Chemical Engineering, FOCAPO(Foundations of Computer-Aided Process Operations)
Valmue poster
Valmue flyer
The design and implementation of a GUI configuration tool for the European climate community using XML documents
The PRISM Graphical User Interface and Web Services Guide
Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience:CPE915: PRISM and ENES: A European approach to Earth system modelling
First results of a data assimilation system for reactive gases built as part of the GEMS project
OASIS at ECMWF - Coupling earth-system-component models to an operational numerical weather-prediction model Geophysical Research Abstracts, 8 (2006), 09138
Flemming, J.*; Mogensen, K.*; Stockwell, T.*; Redler, R.*; Valcke, S.*; Schultz, M. G.; Larsson, C.*; Wedi, N.*; Segers, A.*; Dethof, A.*; Simmons, A.*; Hollingsworth, A.*; Hortal, M.*
Distribution, Control, Training and Operation DISCONTO

Syngenta internal publications

A possible Modeling framework at Syngenta; components and process.
A Generic configuration tool (and its usage in the site selection application).
SKIP (Syngenta Knowledge Integration Platform) A knowledge integration and intelligence framework at Syngenta; a proposal for an architecture and components.
A generic web API for the Digital EXellence (DEX) Linked Data Store
SKIP (Syngenta Knowledge Integration Platform) A knowledge integration and intelligence framework at Syngenta; Implementation plan
DIPSA, A Data Integration Publish Subscribe Architecture
PI0011135 Haystack upgrade;An attempt at operational statistics
Enterprise Architecture with Archimate at Syngenta; Use of enterprise architecture as a tool for codifying models for organisational knowledge management in the SKIP system.
ESDQP [ Envision Semantic Data Quality Pipeline] Assuring data quality in an enterprise tabular environment by leveraging the semantic toolbox in the Envision ETL process.
Towards a data centric semantic document management environment in the S & P domain. Phase one : Creating, organising and viewing the data


Data management and preservation through workflow processes
Using the semantic web to facilitate the analysis of data (with examples): An architectural approach for a new analytics platform

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