Internet and Web Technologies

Peter Wood

This module is an option on the MSc and MRes programmes offered by the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems at Birkbeck, University of London.

It is presented in the second term on Tuesdays (18:00-21:00).


To provide students with an understanding of how network protocols work, particularly those used on the Internet, and the ability to present and manipulate information on the World Wide Web, with an emphasis on XML.


By two-hour written examination and by two pieces of practical coursework. The written examination will have a weighting of 80% and the coursework a weighting of 20% of the final mark.

Pre-requisites and co-requisites

The ability to program is essential. This need not be in an object-oriented language, although that ability would be helpful. Some basic knowledge of HTML and databases is assumed; if this is lacking, however, it can be obtained through self-study of on-line resources.


Lecture schedule and slides


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