Lecture Schedule for Internet and Web Technologies

Note: The slides and notes linked to below may change up until shortly before the corresponding lecture is given.

Week 1 Introduction to the Internet (notes)
Introduction to Internet applications (notes)
Week 2 Web languages (notes)
Week 3 Languages for defining Web document types (notes)
Week 4 Cascading Style Sheets (notes)
Web transformation languages (notes)
Laboratory session (on XML and DTDs)
Week 5 Web transformation languages (from slide 7)
Week 6 Client-side processing (notes)
Laboratory session (on XSLT)
Week 7 Client-side processing (from slide 16)
Laboratory session (on Javascript)
First coursework made available
Week 8 Server-side processing (notes)
Asynchronous Javascript and XML (notes)
Week 9 The transport layer (notes)
Week 10 The network layer (notes)
Week 11 The link layer (notes)
Second coursework made available

Some material in the slides is courtesy of Mick Farmer or Doug Comer, with some figures being made available to instructors by Pearson Education, Inc.