Information Systems Concepts

Lecturer: Roman Kontchakov
Programmes: BSc Computing, BSc IS&M and FdSc
Time: Monday 6pm - 9pm
Room: UCL Gower St Darwin Lecture Theatre
Code: COIY016H4


[Object-Oriented Systems Analysis and Design Using UML, 4th edition]

S. Bennett, S. McRobb and R. Farmer
Object-Oriented Systems Analysis and Design Using UML
4th edition, McGraw-Hill, 2010.

Chapters 1-10, 12, 21

Online Learning Center (including multi-choice self-test quizzes)

Schedule and Slides

8 Jan
Introduction, What are Information Systems? (Chapter 1), Problems in IS Development (Chapter 2)
Avoiding the Problems (Chapter 3.a), Software Development Processes (Chapter 21.a)
15 Jan
Unified Process (Chapter 5.c), Agile Approaches (Chapter 3.b)
What is Object-Orientation? (Chapter 4)
22 Jan
Modelling Concepts (Chapter 5.a), Activity Diagrams (Chapter 5.b)
Requirements Capture (Chapter 6.a)
29 Jan
Use Case Models (Chapter 6.b), Requirements Analysis (Chapter 7)
Online Shopping: Background
5 Feb
Test 1 [6:30pm - 6:55pm] (Chapters 1-5)
Refining the Requirements Model (Chapter 8)
Online Shopping Tutorial: Part 1
12 Feb
Object Interaction (Chapter 9)
Group Project 1
19 Feb
Specifying Operations (Chapter 10)
Online Shopping Tutorial: Part 2
Group Project 2
26 Feb
System Design (Chapter 12)
Group Project 3
5 Mar
Test 2 [6:30pm - 6:55pm] (Chapters 6-9)
Group Project 4
12 Mar
eXtreme Programming (Chapter 21.b)
Online Shopping Tutorial: Part 3
Group Project 5
19 Mar
Version Control
Online Shopping Tutorial: Part 4
Group Project 6 and Make-up Tests 1 & 2 (only if the MC form is submitted)
8 Apr
Group Project submission deadline
?? May
Revision Lecture : Exam Preparation, Fundamentals of Object Technology, Selected Review Questions
Exam Papers: ISC-2013, ISC-2014, ISC-2015 and ISC-2016
?? May


Coursework: 20%

Examination: 80% (past exam papers can be found at Birkbeck eLibrary)

Group Project: Online DVD Rental System

Suppose that your group is a startup company and you plan to build an Online DVD Rental system. Create a requirements report which includes at least use case diagrams, use case descriptions and class diagrams.

Background: Google and Wikipedia

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UML Tools

Violet UML Editor (lecturer's choice)
A UML drawing tool. Free. Open-Source. Lightweight. Download and run.
A UML drawing tool. Free. Open-Source. Lightweight. Download and run.
Microsoft Visio
A general drawing tool with UML2 stencil. Commercial. Available in college labs.
A free of charge general-purpose diagramming program.
A UML modelling tool. Free. Open-Source.
Poseidon for UML
A UML modelling tool. Commercial. Available in school labs.
Rational Rose
A UML modelling tool. Commercial. Available in school labs.
A UML modelling tool. Free. Can specify and generate code in C++, Java, Python, etc.
Wikipedia: List of UML tools