Last updated: 6 January 2016

Fundamentals of Computing

MSc/PGDip in Computer Science/IT/Information Systems & Management 2015/16

Lecturers:   Lectures:   Tutorials (optional): Term 2   Alternate Fridays 18:00-21:00 on:
    22 January, 5 February, 19 February, 4 March, 18 March.
***Tutorials will be in Malet Street, MAL 403***

If you have questions about the module, please send them via email, or email for an appointment.

Course Structure and Assessment


    Term 1

  1. Digital logic.
  2. Arithmetic for computers.
  3. Elements of set theory.
  4. Finite state machines (automata).
  5. Nondeterministic automata. Determinism vs. nondeterminism.
  6. Regular languages.
  7. Context-free languages and pushdown automata.
  8. Turing machines.
  9. Universal Turing machines.
  10. The halting problem. Undecidable problems.
  11. Term 2

  12. Data structures: representations and operations .
  13. Lists; stacks, queues and deques.
  14. Trees, forests, binary trees
  15. Binary tree traversal and other operations. Representation of trees.
  16. Binary search trees.
  17. Organisation of disk storage; methods of file organisation; B-trees.
  18. Algorithms: design and analysis; algorithmic complexity; space utilisation.
  19. Sorting and searching.

Term 2: Data Structures, File Organisation and Algorithms
Course notes and other materials


Newer textbooks that use JAVA:

Coursework Term 2

To be issued in Mid-March 2016
Submission date 6 weeks later