Analysis of Algorithms

M.Sc. in Computing Science
Spring Term

How can we write robust and efficient programs?
We need to know how we can determine and compare the efficiency of different programs. One of the most important factors is the underlying algorithm used, together with the data structures employed.
Algorithms for various problems will be considered, including, for example, sorting, searching, etc. The effect of the choice of algorithm and data structures on program run-times and memory space will be examined and analysed.



Jon Bentley
Programming Pearls
Addison-Wesley (1999)
ISBN 0-201-65788-0


Supporting Website

Sedgewick R
Algorithms in C++ (Parts 1-4)
Addison-Wesley (3rd edition, 1998)
ISBN 0-201-35088-2

Binstock A and Rex J
Practical Algorithms for Programmers
Addison-Wesley (1995)
ISBN 0-201-63208-X

See also references for Data Structures in the Course Arrangements booklet.

The source code for the programs in the book can be found on the supporting website.

Problems to think about for lecture 2.

Recommended problems from Programming Pearls

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