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Computing Facilities

We have four newly equipped, student computing laboratories in the department. The computer labs are accessibe remotely through the DCS VPN. Online services include Github classroom, classrooms and others. Software in the labs runs on a range of platforms including Solaris (Unix), Windows and Linux includes:

  • Languages: Python, Java, C++, C#, C, Groovy, Haskell
  • IDEs: Eclipse, Scala, IntelliJ IDEA, JetBrains (RubyMine, CLion, PyCharm), Erlang, Glider, BlueJ, Android SDK, Anaconda
  • Software development: Git, Github desktop
  • Modelling environments: Matlab & All Matlab Toolboxes, StarLogo, Protege
  • Databases: Oracle, MySQL, SQLserver, DB2, Postgres, MongoDB, Hadoop
  • Data Science: R, RStudio,Neo4j
  • HTC/HPC: HTCondor
  • Website development: PHP, Perl, Tomcat, Javascript (Node.js),
  • XML development: XMLSpy, xt, xmlgrep, NotePad++ with XMLTools addin.
  • X/Unix: X2Go, Cygwin, Putty
  • Office: Microsoft Office, Open Office, Visio, LaTeX (MikTeX)
  • Virtual learning environment and teaching tools: Moodle, Panopto, Collaborate, MS Teams
  • Browsers: Firefox, IE, Chrome
  • Email: Thunderbird, webmail
  • Accessibility software: ClaroRead
  • Utility: Filezilla, MagicDisc, TextPad, GIMP, Trend Apex anti-virus, Audacity, NotePad++

The gigabit/10gigabit LAN is connected to the JANET University Network via the UCISA London Group. Departmental computer services and networks are managed and supported by the department's Systems Group.

High-performance Computing

Rocks Cluster
Compute nodes Number Processor Cores RAM per node
6 2x E5-2660v3 2x 10 2x 64GB
2 Tesla K40C 2880 12GB
Usage long jobs >30mins
Access X2Go, ssh
Files Nautilus
Condor Pool
Compute nodes Number Processor RAM per node
1400 i7 1-2GB
Languages java, python, C, C++. Matlab
Access Condor client
Files home drive
Xen Servers
Number CPUs Cores RAM (GB) Disk (TB)
1 2x AMD 6276 64 128 1.6
2 2x AMD 6376 32 128 1.6
2 2x AMD 6368 32 256 1.6
4 2x Xeon E5-2640v3 32 128 2 (SSD)
1 2x Xeon E5-2667v4 16 256 8 (PCIe SSD)