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Paul Yoo

Paul Yoo

Senior Lecturer, Deputy Director of Birkbeck Institute for Data Analytics

Paul trained originally as a data scientist with degrees from the University of Sydney, Australia. In his career, he has amassed more than ninety prestigious journal and conference publications, has been awarded more than US$ 2.3 million in project funding, and a number of prestigious international and national awards for his work in advanced data analytics, machine learning and secure systems research, notably IEEE Outstanding Leadership Award, Rozetta Award (f.k.a CMCRC), Emirates Foundation Research Award, and the ICT Fund Award. Most recently, he won the prestigious Samsung award for research to protect IoT devices using machine-learning approach and Research England’s Global Challenge Research Fund (GCRF).

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MAL 168
020 3926 1270
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Areas of interest: The application of machine learning and big data technologies in security and defence, finance and the engineering industry (e.g., autonomous vehicle) as well as a range of theoretical and methodological problems.