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Hugh Lawson-Tancred

Hugh Lawson-Tancred

Guest Lecturer

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After graduating from Balliol College, Oxford with a first class BA and Masters in Classics and a temporary position at the European Commission, Hugh worked in investment banking, also lecturing on ancient philosophy at Birkbeck. He has been involved in a series of natural language start-ups and is currently director and co-founder of Protreptic, a consultancy which specialises in alternative investment data, decentralised finance and digital rhetoric. Hugh is an Associate Research Fellow in the Philosophy Department, but also works closely with both the Birkbeck Institute for Data Analytics and the Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development.

Research areas

1. Methodological constraints on the use of AI to explore topics in cognitive developmental neuroscience. 2. The application of mechanistic theories of scientific explanation to the assessment of progress in cognitive science. 3. The impact of empirical neuroscientific discoveries on traditional concepts in the philosophy of mind. 4. The constraints on the articulation of the concept of artificial personality within the philosophy of law.

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