Program Schedule

IDA 2017 features three invited talks, four Horizon talks, and six research sessions.

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Note: formal invitation letters to the symposium will be sent only to people whose work has been accepted for presentation at the conference, and only on explicit request.

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Thursday 26th October

08:30 Registration desk opens  
09:15 Welcome from Master of Birkbeck  
09:30 Invited talk: Opportunities and Challenges of Learning Health Systems by Professor Niels Peek
  Chair: Allan Tucker  
10:30 Coffee break  
11:00 Contributed Session 1  
  Chair: Jaakko Hollmen  
  • Adapting supervised classification algorithms to arbitrary weak label scenarios
    Miquel Perelló-Nieto, Raúl Santos-Rodríguez and Jesús Cid-Sueiro
  • Searching for Spatio-Temporal-Keyword Patterns in Semantic Trajectories
    Fragkiskos Gryllakis, Nikos Pelekis, Christos Doulkeridis, Stylianos Sideridis and Yannis Theodoridis
  • Bucket Selection: A Model-Independent Diverse Selection Strategy for Widening
    Alexander Fillbrunn, Leonard Wörteler, Michael Grossniklaus and Michael Berthold
12:30 Lunch  
13:30 Contributed Session 2  
  Chair: Matthijs van Leeuwen  
  • Improving Cold-Start Recommendations with Social-Media Trends and Reputations
    João Santos, Filipa Peleja, Flavio Martins and João Magalhaes
  • The Actors of History: Narrative Network Analysis Reveals the Institutions of Power in British Society Between 1800-1950
    Thomas Lansdall-Welfare, Saatviga Sudhahar, James Thompson and Nello Cristianini
  • Interactive Pattern Sampling for Characterizing Unlabeled Data
    Arnaud Giacometti and Arnaud Soulet
15:00 Coffee break  
15:30 Contributed Session 3  
  Chair: Panagiotis Papapetrou  
  • Improving Chairlift Security with Deep Learning
    Kevin Bascol, Remi Emonet, Elisa Fromont and Raluca Debusschere
  • Identifying novel features from specimen data for the prediction of valuable field trips
    Nicky Nicolson and Allan Tucker
  • Towards automatic evaluation of asphalt irregularity using smartphone's sensors
    Vinicius Souza, Everton Cherman, Rafael Rossi and Rafael Souza
17:00 End of Sessions  

Reception – Clore Management Centre
Torrington Square
Bloomsbury, WC1E 7JL

Friday 27th October

09:00 Registration desk opens  
09:30 Invited talk: Reverse engineering human decision making from high resolution analysis of behaviour by Dr A. Aldo Faisal
  Chair: David Weston  
10:30 Coffee break  
11:00 Contributed Session 4  
  Chair: Elizabeth Bradley  
  • Biclustering Multivariate Time Series
    Ricardo Cachucho, Siegfried Nijssen and Arno Knobbe
  • Freudian Slips: Analysing the Internal Representations of a Neural Network from its Mistakes
    Sen Jia, Thomas Lansdall-Welfare and Nello Cristianini
  • Visualization of Topic-Sentiment Dynamics in Crowdfunding Projects
    Rafael Carmo, Soong Moon Kang and Ricardo Silva
12:30 Lunch  
13:30 Contributed Session 5  
  Chair: João Magalhaes  
  • Predictive clustering trees for hierarchical multi-target regression
    Vanja Mileski, Sašo Džeroski and Dragi Kocev
  • ABIDE: Querying Time-Evolving Sequences of Temporal Intervals
    Orestis Kostakis and Panagiotis Papapetrou
  • A Dynamic Adaptive Questionnaire for Improved Disease Diagnostics
    Xiaowei Kortum, Frank Klawonn, Lorenz Grigull and Werner Lechner
15:00 Coffee break  
15:30 Regular poster session (including spotlight talks)  
17:00 End of Sessions  

Banquet – Number Twelve Restaurant & Bar
12 Upper Woburn Place

Saturday 28th October

09:00 Registration desk opens  
09:30 Invited talk: Mining for Causal Results by Professor Paul Cohen
  Chair: Niall Adams  
10:30 Coffee break  
11:00 Contributed Session 6  
  Chair: Stephen Swift  
  • Computational Topology Techniques for Characterizing Time-Series Data
    Nicole Sanderson, Elliot Shugerman, Samantha Molnar, James Meiss and Elizabeth Bradley
  • Estimating Sequence Similarity from Contig Sets
    Petr Ryšavý and Filip Zelezny
  • Hierarchical Novelty Detection
    Paolo Simeone, Tijl De Bie, Jefrey Lijffijt, Matt McVicar and Raúl Santos-Rodríguez
12:30 Lunch  
13:30 First Look Session (Horizon Talks)  
  Chair: Elisa Fromont  
  • Boolean Matrix Factorisation for scalable detection of overlapping network communities
    Tammo Rukat and Christopher Yau
  • Dynamic Recommendations for Finding Local Expert using Lazy Random Walk with Application to Shopping Places Recommender Systems
    Diyah Puspitaningrum, Julio Fernando, Edo Afriando and Ferzha Putra Utama
  • Towards Explanatory Data Analysis
  • Matthijs van Leeuwen
  • Federated Searching with Natural Language Interface to Database
    Richard Skeggs, Stasha Lauria and Stephen Swift
15:10 Prize award ceremony + Closing Remarks  
15:30 Coffee (to 16:00)  
15:30 IDA council meeting (council only)  
18:00 Farewell social event:
The Lord John Russell Pub
91-93 Marchmont Street
London WC1N 1AL

Farewell Venue