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Project Directors

Alex Poulovassilis







George Magoulas

Sara de Freitas
George Papamarkos
Fitri Mohamad
Martin Oliver
David Wilson
Ian Harrison
Adrian Mee
John Paschoud
Simon McLeish
Margaret Andrews

Project Details

Funder: JISC Distributed e-learning programme

Service-oriented architectures, learning pathways, lifelong learning, educational portals, personalisation.


LifeLong Learning in London for All

L4All targets the independent lifelong learner by creating a system that records and shares learning pathways and trails.  L4All creates a portal that allows learners to access selected information and resources, plan their own learning pathways, and maintain and reflect upon their individual record of learning throughout their lives. The system allows learners to share their learning plans and pathways with peers, in order to support collaborative planning of learning and formulation of future learning goals and aspirations. Tutors are able to publish recommended pathways through courses and learning opportunities, thereby facilitating progressing into Higher Education (HE) and supporting career choices.

Personalised lifelong learning

L4All is a services-based environment in which lifelong learners can access learning materials, personal development plans, learning pathways, and receive personalised support for planning and sharing learning experiences. To this end, the project aims to develop a pilot that will provide:
• A web portal that provides information on Further Education (FE), HE courses and learning opportunities available to learners in the London region;
• Personalised support in planning and reflecting on personal development and lifelong learning activities;
• Advice on learning and personal development pathways;
• Support in designing and maintaining personal learning pathways and development plans;
• A forum for learners to share information and collaborate with peers and tutors.

Benefiting the learning community

L4All will test-bed new tools and approaches for lifelong learning through planning and creation of personal learning pathways. L4All tools and services aim at supporting lifelong learners’ progression and reflection on learning by identifying learning opportunities available through different learning providers and offering functionalities for the design and generation of learning pathways. L4All also derives technical and user-related specifications for integrating e-learning tools and personalisation services in a lifelong learning context. The pilot will benefit the JISC community, post-16 recruitment departments, previously excluded learners and existing lifelong learners.  Benefits include: development of a workable service for lifelong learners, increased recruitment to post-compulsory institutions and new pathways for access to education.  L4All will also help with the development, embedding and uptake of lifelong learning services across the stakeholder community providing outputs that can be disseminated amongst the community.


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