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Project Leaders

George Magoulas

Alex Poulovassilis


Project staff

Hassan Baajour

Nicolas Van Labeke


Other Project Partners

Diana Laurillard, Martin Oliver

Ian Harrison, Sara de Freitas

Community College Hackney


L4N Lifelong Learning Network


Prospects Services Ltd.


Project Details

JISC 2006-2008


Project Web Site 



Lifelong Learning




myplan (doc)

myplan (pdf)

MyPlan - Personal Planning for Lifelong Learning Througout Life


Project Aims

The MyPlan project is developing, deploying and evaluating techniques and tools that allow personalised planning of lifelong learning. The project brings together stakeholders from a broad range of institutions committed to providing lifelong learning opportunities that enhance career development and widen participation. These include the Linking London Lifelong Learning Network (L4N), led by Birkbeck and comprising over 25 institutions across London. 

Project Objectives

  • To develop and evaluate user models that reflect the needs of the diverse population of lifelong learners. For this, we are identifying learner attributes and activities undertaken by lifelong learners. This information will be used to develop an ontology for learner modeling in a lifelong learning context.
  • To develop and evaluate personalised functionalities for the creation, search and recommendation of learning opportunities and learning pathways. This aims to enhance individual learners' engagement with the lifelong learning process, and also to support communities of learners with similar goals and interests.
  • To evaluate current game-based applications for supporting lifelong learners, with a view to integrating a game-based application into the system. This will allow learners to role-play different learning and career progressions in order to give better understanding of possible implications of different career decisions and educational choices.



The MyPlan project builds on the software developed in the earlier L4All project, and particularly on the concept of an individual's timeline (see above) in which learners record their learning, work and other life episodes to date, as well as their future learning aspirations. 

For further details and articles, please visit the L4All and MyPlan project websites at and
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