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L4All has targeted the independent lifelong learner by creating a system that records and shares learning pathways and trails. L4All has created a portal that allows learners to access selected information and resources, plan their own learning pathways, and maintain and reflect upon their individual record of learning throughout their lives. The system allows learners to share their learning plans and pathways with other learners, in order to support collaborative learning and to formulate future learning goals and aspirations. Tutors are able to publish recommended pathways through courses and modules, thereby facilitating progression into Higher Education (HE) and supporting career choices.


The development of a system for supporting the lifelong learner, Freitas, I.Harrison, G.Magoulas, A.Mee, F.Mohamad, M.Oliver, G.Papamarkos, A.Poulovassilis. British Journal of Educational Technology, 37(6), pp 867-880, November 2006. Special Issue on Collaborative e-Support for Lifelong Learning.

L4All - a web-service based system for Lifelong Learners , Freitas, G.Magoulas, M.Oliver, G.Papamarkos, A.Poulovassilis, I.Harrison, A.Mee. Proceedings of eChallenges'2006 (Workshop on Next Generation in Technology Enhanced Learning), 25-27 October 2006, Barcelona. IOS Press, pp 1477-1484.

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Advances in Web Based Education: Personalised Learning Environment

New release of a book edited by George D. Magoulas & Sherry Y. Chen: "Advances in Web-Based Education: Personalized Learning Environments".  Available now at  Idea Group Publishing

Personalizing Learning in the 21st Century

New release of a book edited by Sara de Freitas and Chris Yapp. Available by the end of October from Network Educational Press.

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