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Founded in 1957, the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems is one of the oldest computing departments world-wide. Having a long-established reputation in data management and computational intelligence, we have evolved into a world-leading centre in algorithms, data science, knowledge representation and verification.

We develop our research and impact strategies in the context of two overarching aims: to be a world-leading research centre with complementary expertise in both theoretical and applied computer science; driven by Birkbeck’s mission, to develop flexible opportunities in cutting-edge computer science for a diverse range of students, particularly working Londoners. The latter provides unique opportunities to engage, through students bringing real-world problems driven by their work environment, with a range of IT companies and other organisations.

Our research is focused into three research groups: Knowledge Representation and Data Management, Experimental Data Science and Algorithms, Verification and Software; and two research centres: Birkbeck Institute for Data Analytics and Birkbeck Knowledge Lab.