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Algorithms, Verification and Software Research Group

The group is focusing on the following research areas:

Algorithms and complexity

  • circuit complexity
  • machine learning algorithms based on neural networks
  • parameterised algorithms
  • probabilistic algorithms
  • performance guarantees for heuristic algorithms


  • automated software termination and runtime bounds analysis
  • probabilistic model checking
  • satisfiability problems for various logics
  • term rewriting


  • programming languages
  • compilers
  • software engineering

The group collaborates with many other research groups in the U.K. and abroad and with industry, undertaking projects of fundamental and applied nature.

Below is the list of institutions we are currently collaborating with (in alphabetical order).

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany)
Laboratoire de l'Informatique du Parallélisme, Lyon (France)
Microsoft Research Cambridge (UK)
RWTH Aachen University (Germany)
Technical University Vienna (Austria)
University College London
University of Copenhagen (Denmark)
University of Innsbruk (Austria)
University of Nagoya (Japan)
University of Southern Denmark
University of Warwick

Group Members

Carl Barton

Carl Barton

  • Lecturer
  • Research areas: Combinatorics on words, bioinformatics, probabilistic algorithms, data mining
Trevor Fenner

Trevor Fenner

  • Professor of Computer Science
  • Research areas: Algorithms and data structures, combinatorial algorithms, probabilistic algorithms, complex networks
Carsten Fuhs

Carsten Fuhs

  • Lecturer, Undergraduate Admissions Tutor
  • Research areas: Automated program analysis and verification (termination, time complexity bounds, safety, equivalence, ...), term rewriting, SAT and SMT solving (more generally, constraint solving), separation logic
Tingting Han

Tingting Han

  • Senior Lecturer, Programme Director - IT Applications Short Courses
  • Research areas: Formal verification and synthesis of probabilistic systems, and its applications
Oded Lachish

Oded Lachish

  • Senior Lecturer, Projects Coordinator, Programme Director - MRes CS
  • Research areas: Algorithms and complexity, computation with extremely limited resources
George Magoulas

George Magoulas

  • Professor of Computer Science, Director of Birkbeck Knowledge Lab, Director of Teaching Quality
  • Research areas: Computational models of learning and cognition, data-driven modelling, learning and evolution algorithms, learning technologies, nature-inspired computing, user modelling and personalisation technologies
Keith Mannock

Keith Mannock

  • Lecturer, Library Representative
  • Research areas: Software Engineering, Polyglot programming languages, Image manipulation and retrieval, Distributed Systems, Educational Gaming, Machine Learning
Igor Razgon

Igor Razgon

  • Senior Lecturer, Programme Director - MSc ACT
  • Research areas: Fixed parameter algorithms, graph theory, constraint satisfaction problems
Felix Reidl

Felix Reidl

  • Lecturer, Ethics Officer, Admissions Tutor - MSc CS, MSc DS
  • Research areas: Algorithmic graph theory, random graph models of complex networks, structural sparsity, parameterized complexity.