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MSc in Learning Technologies

Programme Overview

A specialist postgraduate degree focusing on advanced computing techniques and their application to the development of Learning Technologies. Modules cover state-of-the-art techniques in software development for web-based, cloud and mobile architectures, computational methods for intelligent information management and analysis, and the management and analysis of 'big data'. This degree is part of the MSc Advanced Computing Technologies programme.

For information regarding entry requirements, attendance, timetables, course content and how to apply for the programme, see MSc Advanced Computing Technologies.

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This is a specialised MSc programme of study focusing on areas of expertise and research specialisation within the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems and the Birkbeck Knowledge Lab. Students select 8 modules from the list of modules of the MSc in Advanced Computing Technologies according to their interests, and build upon this taught curricuculum by undertaking a substantial practical software development project in the area of Learning Technologies.

Students who complete this MSc will have gained strong practical and theoretical knowledge which they will be able to use in:

  • analysis of problems arising in the use of advanced computing technologies in learning and teaching settings
  • evaluation of technology options
  • deployment of appropriate solutions
  • research into, and development of, new technologies.


The programme is a pathway within the MSc Advanced Computing Technologies programme. Once on the programme, students may choose to follow the pathway for the award of the MSc in Learning Technologies if they take 8 modules from the list of modules of the MSc in Advanced Computing Technologies and the Project in Learning Technologies.