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BSc Project in Information Systems and Management

Short name: BSc ISM Project
SITS code:
Credits: 30
Level: 6
Module leader: David Weston

Module outline

The final year project, which is compulsory but not timetabled, has a value of 30 credits. There are four types of project:

  1. Management;
  2. Information Systems Research;
  3. Information Systems Development;
  4. Computing.

Students who choose a type 1 or type 2 project must also take the module Research Methods in Management in the preceding year. Students who choose a type 3 or a type 4 project are not required to take Research Methods in Management, but they may find it useful to do so. Please note that the RMM coursework includes the preparation of a proposal for a type 1 project. A second proposal would have to be prepared outside RMM for a type 2, type 3 or type 4 project, whichever is chosen.


Indicative timetables can be found in the handbooks available on programme pages. Personalised teaching timetables for students are available via My Birkbeck.