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Design of Learning Technologies

Short name: DLT
SITS code:
Credits: 15
Level: 7
Module leader: Alexandra Poulovassilis
Lecturer(s): George Magoulas, Keith Mannock, Manolis Mavrikis, Alexandra Poulovassilis, Wayne Holmes, Patricia Charlton

Module outline

This module prepares participants for work in critiquing, designing and evaluating learning technologies and digital learning designs. It draws links between theories of learning, pedagogical frameworks, and the design and evaluation of learning technologies. There is a strong focus on design based research, and on the potential of adaptation and personalisation technologies for creating individualised learning experiences. The module aims to prepare participants for working in environments where they may be called on to lead or facilitate collaborations involving teachers and technology developers in creating new learning technology interventions.


  • Theories of learning
  • Application of learning theory to the design of digital interventions
  • Methods for prototyping of digital interventions, including participatory design
  • Overview of personalisation technologies, learner modelling, and designing personalisation in learning systems
  • Design based research
  • Practice in critiquing existing learning designs using technology.


All dates and timetables are listed in the programme handbooks of individual programmes.


An essay critiquing the design of a specific educational technology system or online course, with recommendations for improvements to its design (2500 to 3000 words).


The essay (100% weighting).

Recommended reading

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