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Short name: EB
SITS code: COIY042H5
Credits: 15
Level: 5
Module leader: George Roussos
Lecturer(s): George Roussos
Online material:

Module outline

The module is an introduction to the basic concepts of e-business and e-commerce, including presentation and discussion of the strategies and technologies involved. It discusses basic concepts of e-commerce, discusses and explains theoretical and practical issues of conducting business over the internet and the Web, and presents methods for evaluating user needs. Topics covered include:


The aim of this module is to present and discuss concepts and challenges of e-business, including a balanced coverage of both the technical and the management (operational, tactical and strategic) aspects of successful e-business. It covers business strategies, and technologies involved in the design and deployment of business on the internet and World Wide Web.


Indicative timetables can be found in the handbooks available on programme pages. Personalised teaching timetables for students are available via My Birkbeck.


  1. Assignment 1: Individual essay (15%)
  2. Assignment 2: Individual essay (65%)
  3. Problems and Quizzes (20%)

Recommended reading

  • Schneider G (2009), E-business, 8th edition.