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Introduction to Programming

Short name: ITP
SITS code: BUCI007H4
Credits: 15
Level: 4
Module leader: Steve Maybank
Lecturer(s): Steve Maybank, Tingting Han
Online material:

Module outline

On successful completion of the module a student will be expected to i) understand and explain elementary programming in a high level programming language, algorithms, and programming building blocks; ii) develop and apply logical and algorithmic thinking in order to solve problems, formalise and express high-level algorithmic concepts in a programming language; iii) design, implement and execute programmes for simple task in a high level language, comprehend, test and debug simple programs; and iv) manage his or her own workload to a prescribed deadline, cater for unexpected set-backs, recognise and analyse criteria and specifications appropriate to specific problems and plan strategies for their solution.


To obtain practical skills and experience of designing and implementing simple programs in a high level programming language


  • context of Python
  • integrated development environment
  • variables
  • number types
  • arithmetic and Boolean operations
  • if statements
  • loops
  • functions
  • arrays
  • examples of algorithms




All dates and timetables are listed in programme handbooks, found in the downloads section of individual programme pages.

Enrolled students can find their personal teaching timetable and location of classes on their My Birkbeck profile.


One two-hour written examination (70%), an in-laboratory test (20%) and lab attendance (10%)

Recommended reading

  • Horstmann, C. and Necaise, R. (2014), Python for Everyone, 2nd Edition. Wiley.