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Short name: JV
SITS code: SSCS019H5
Credits: 15
Level: 5
Module leader: Gordon McIntyre
Lecturer(s): Tobi Brodie, Ian Hollender
Online material:


The module familiarizes students with the basic concepts, structures and techniques associated with the JavaScript and jQuery scripting languages. It introduces JavaScript and jQuery as client side solution, and shows how they can be used to develop simple and complex web applications. The module takes a web standards approach, looking at how JavaScript and jQuery can be used with other technologies (HTML 5, CSS 3) to produce standards compliant web applications.


  • JavaScript fundamentals
  • JavaScript syntax: variables conditions, loops
  • JavaScript functions
  • JavaScript and the Document Object Model
  • JavaScript and CSS
  • JavaScript, forms and form validation
  • jQuery syntax
  • JavaScript and jQuery events
  • Web application development using JavaScript and jQuery


  • Normally completion of Introduction to Web Authoring using equivalent or knowledge of web page authoring using HTML and CSS.
  • Preferably Problem Solving for Programming or some knowledge of basic programming concepts.


Indicative timetables can be found in the handbooks available on programme pages. Personalised teaching timetables for students are available via My Birkbeck.