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Research Methods in Learning Technologies

Short name: RMLT
SITS code: BUCI003S7
Credits: 15 credits
Level: 7
Module leader: Alexandra Poulovassilis

Module outline

This module aims to prepare participants for work in developing and evaluating learning technologies. It makes links between theories of learning and teaching, learning design, and the development of digital technologies in the light of their effectiveness in supporting students and tutors.


  • To prepare participants for practical work in the design, development and evaluation of digital technologies.
  • To cover the research methods and skills needed for undertaking the Masters Project.
  • To enable students to develop their research skills through development of the Masters Project proposal, including the research methodology and methods to be pursued and a critical review of the related literature.


  • Application of learning theory to the evaluation of digital interventions
  • Methods of specification for a learning design
  • Methods of data collection, analysis and evaluation of learner use of digital interventions, appropriate for different aims
  • Research methods in technology areas such as: knowledge representation; systems analysis and design; personalised learning environments; AI in education; knowledge discovery; games; online communities and social networks; virtual worlds
  • Reviewing research literature
  • Writing up research


Design of Learning Technologies


All dates and timetables are listed in the programme handbooks of individual programmes.


Development of the Masters Project proposal, including a critical literature review and a preliminary description of the research methodology and research methods that will be used (2500-3000 words).


The Masters Project proposal (100% weighting).

Recommended reading

Recommended readings will be made published by lecturers as the course progresses