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Postgraduate Specialist

In addition to the programmes shown below we also offer programmes aimed at graduates with a degree in a subject other than Computer Science: Postgraduate programmes.

MSc in Advanced Computing Technologies

A specialist programme for Computer Science graduates and practitioners, focusing on data analytics and information and web technologies

MSc in Computing for the Financial Services

An intensive course specifically tailored for graduate of Computer Science or related subjects. Specifically tailored for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the financial services.

MSc in Data Analytics

A specialist postgraduate degree focusing on Data Analytics. Modules cover state-of-the-art techniques in the areas of data analytics, data science and cloud computing.

MSc in Information and Web Technologies

A specialist MSc programme for Computer Science graduates. Focuses on web technologies, mobile and ubiquitous computing, and distributed information management, which are major areas of research expertise in the department.

MSc in Information Systems and Management

A mid-career degree for graduates of Computing or Management.

MSc in Learning Technologies

A specialist postgraduate degree focusing on advanced computing techniques and their application in Learning Technologies. Modules cover state-of-the-art techniques in software development for web-based, cloud and mobile architectures, computational methods for intelligent information management and analysis, and the management and analysis of 'big data'.