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Certificate of Higher Education in Information Technology

Programme Overview

  • This programme aims to develop knowledge, technical skills and expertise in areas affected by rapidly changing information, communication and web technologies. The award will be of interest to those wishing to develop more advanced professional and work-related IT skills and learn how to apply these skills in commercial and not-for-profit organisations.
  • Year 1 provides an introduction to the use of IT and internet technologies. Year 2 builds on this introduction to provide a more advanced view of the use of IT, database and web technologies and web programming in a business environment.
  • Practical, skills-based classes held in modern PC labs enable you to learn by ‘doing’. Lectures and group activities stimulate learning and a learning management system provides a wide range of learning resources on-line to support your learning.
  • Mature learners thrive in this stimulating and supportive environment which enables you to learn and progress at a pace that suits your own needs and circumstances.

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  • Knowledge and understanding of a range of IT and Internet applications.
  • Practical database, web authoring/design and programming skills.
  • Self-directed learning skills.
  • Self-study skills which enable you to keep up with rapidly-changing web technologies, tools, techniques and methods.


  • Part-time, evening or weekend study enabling you to learn and progress at a pace that suits you.
  • Open source applications and Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Assessment by coursework portfolio - no examinations.
  • Flexible mode of study - aim to complete the CertHE in two years but you can take up to four years.
  • Students who successfully complete the CertCE can apply to transfer to Year 2 of the Foundation Degree in Information Technology or study 4 more ITApps modules in order to complete the Certificate of Higher Education in Information Technology.

Dates & timetables

  • The programme is flexible and can take up to 4 years to complete (2-4 years for the Certificate of Higher Education or 1-2 years for the Certificate of Continuing Education).
  • A full schedule can be found here for 2020/1.

How to apply

  • This is a modular enrolment certificate, so you will need to enrol for individual modules. Please go to the College website and click on the Course Structure tab and then click on the title of individual modules to sign up.
  • If you intend to fund this course via a Student Finance loan, this may affect your future full-time funding eligibility. Please contact our Student Advice team for information regarding funding.

Year 1 - Certificate of Continuing Education in IT Applications

Complete any 4 of the optional modules listed below - check the prerequisites for each module

Year 2 - Certificate of Higher Education in Information Technology

After completing the CertCE in IT Applications you have the option of studying 4 additional modules (from the below list) to gain the CertHE in Information Technology - again ensure you check the prerequisites for each module.