George Roussos

Professor of Pervasive Computing

I conduct experimental systems research in mobile computing and the Internet of Things. With distributed systems as my point of departure, I currently explore human dynamics as a core ingredient of urban and social pervasive computing systems.

I am especially interested in the implications of this new computing paradigm for mobile health- and self-care, for extending the museum experience, and to create Smart Cities.

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Mobile and Pervasive Computing

Lorem IpsumI am the Principal Investiigator at the Mobile Computing and the Internet of Things Lab at Birkbeck and also lead the Experimental Data Science Group

. Currently, I work on several research projects in the broad area of data driven methods for pervasive computing such as the cloudUPDRS app, a medical device for Parkinson's Disease, and PDkit, the associated data science toolkit for the development of digital biomarkers for Parkinsons; data manifestation for climate change; a mobile app for Zika virus surveillance; and participatory self-quantification using the IoT.

Check this page for information about older research projects such as Urban Tapestries, iBats, MyGrocer and Feral Robots.

More information about my PhD students and research staff can also be found on this page .

My work on federated identifier services, initally carried out in the context of network RFID, has provided the basis for Recommendation Y.4805 of SG20 of the ITU.

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A local copy of my publications can found by pressing the button below, or alternatively can be accessed on Scholar, DBLP or BiRON.

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ACM IoT Roundatable

Part of the celebrations of 50 year anniverary of the ACM Turing award. Read the transcript of the roundatable here.

Future Internet Special Issue

With Achilles Kameas and Ioannis Chatzigiannakis we are putting together a SI on the applications of Mobile and Pervasive Computing in Smart Cities with deadline October 30.

People of ACM

The Association for Computing have produced a profile for their people of ACM newsletter. Read the profile here.

Sensors Journal

Special Issue "Smartphone-Based Sensors for Posture, Movement Analysis and Human Activity Recognition".

New Scientist Article

The New Scientist magazine covers our recent work on cloudUPDRS. Further press coverage from the Huffington Post, Networked India, El National.

IEEE Percom in Athens

IEEE Percom 2018 takes place in Athens, Greece between March 19 and 23.

Mobicom app contest

cloudUPDRS was shortlisted for the app contest at IEEE Mobicom 2016.


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