Deductive/Query Conservativity in DL-Lite


Current statistics for deductive conservativity () and query conservativity () is available.

Shorter statistics () for 3 series of 48 instances each is available.

QDIMACS files (short series)


LaTeX files

LaTeX to QDIMACS translator

tex2qbf.tar.gz (ver 0.6.1, 4 Feb 2008)

Usage: options (file|directory)


If a file is specified then it is processed and QDIMACS is written to STDOUT.

If a directory is specified then every .tex file of it is processed with the specified options and their outputs are written into the d2-filename.qdimacs or q2-filename.qdimacs files in the current directory.

For definitions and details of the translation please refer to the paper.

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