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The problem of learning algebra and Migen's solution.

Noss, R., Poulovassilis, A., Geraniou, E., Gutierrez-Santos, S., Hoyles, C., Kahn, K., Magoulas, G.D., and Mavrikis, M. (2011). The design of a system to support exploratory learning of algebraic generalisation. Computers & Education, 59(1), pp 63-81. (pre-print pdf)

How the intelligent support works.

Gutierrez-Santos, S., Mavrikis, M., and Magoulas, G.D. (2010). Layered Development and Evaluation for Intelligent Support in Exploratory Environments: The Case of Microworlds, Volume 6094 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pp. 105-114. Heidelberg: Springer Berlin (pre-print pdf)

How MiGen supports teachers.

Gutierrez-Santos, S., Geraniou, E., Pearce-Lazard, D. and Poulovassilis, A. (2012). Design of Teacher Assistance Tools in an Exploratory Learning Environment for Algebraic Generalization. IEEE Transactions in Learning Technologies, 5(4), 366-376, 2012(pre-print pdf)

How students collaborate using MiGen.

Geraniou, G., Mavrikis, M., Hoyles, C., and Noss, R. (2011). Students' justification strategies on equivalence of quasi-algebraic expressions. In Ubuz, B., editor, Proceedings of the 35th. Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education., volume 2, pages 393-400.

How we designed the system.

Mavrikis, M., Noss, R., Hoyles, C. Geraniou E. (2013) Sowing the seeds of algebraic generalisation: designing epistemic affordances for an intelligent microworld. In Noss, R. and DiSessa, A. (eds) Special Issue on Knowledge Transformation, Design and Technology, Journal of Computer Assisted Learning Vol 29, Issue 1, pp 68-85 (pre-print pdf)

Mavrikis, M., Gutierrez-Santos, S. (2010). Not all wizards are from Oz: Iterative design of intelligent learning environments by communication capacity tapering. Computers & Education 54(3), 641-651. (pre-print pdf)

Pearce, D. and Poulovassilis, A. (2009). The Conceptual and Architectural Design of a System Supporting Exploratory Learning of Mathematics Generalisation. Proceedings of the 4th European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning (ECTEL 2009), Springer, pp 22-36. (pdf)

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