What is MiGen?

MiGen is a system that aims to support children's learning of mathematical generalisation. The system includes the eXpresser microworld where students construct patterns and express relationships between them, intelligent support for students, and tools that assist the teacher in the classroom.

In the classroom

How MiGen helps students and teachers

Ask anyone with bad memories of secondary maths lessons at what point it became incomprehensible. A typical response is, ‚"It all went fine until 1,2,3 turned into x,y,z!" That leap from simple counting to the abstraction of algebra was a key concern for the MiGen project team.


Findings & publications

The MiGen project has found that many secondary students struggle to see general patterns emerging from specific cases. Another difficulty is to make connections between variables. The MiGen system helps students with these difficulties, and our teacher assistance tools also support the teacher in the classroom.