The MiGen Package

The MiGen project provides an exploratory learning environment that supports the construction of mathematical generalisations and their expressions as rules. It provides students with a basis for learning school algebra and developing algebraic skills. Computer software, the eXpresser, was designed to exploit animated models of pattern structure to express generality. Our research studies with teachers, students and student teachers, have steered the development of the software, its interface and the associated activities. In the final phase of the project, the team have packaged the software with the activities with teacher guidance and student examples.

The eXpresser activities and the software are designed for use in Key Stage 3 classrooms. To assist teachers, there are online tutorials, online videos which model teaching approaches, teachers’ notes that accompany each activity as well as a sample scheme of work. Students can also build computer models in order to address some of the conceptual challenges of algebra. All the activities are aligned to the Key Stage 3, National Curriculum.

eXpresser Activities

Below you can find specific sections of the complete package

  • Introductory Activities (PDF)
  • Main Activities (PDF)
  • Building More Complex Models (PDF)
  • Extension Activities (PDF)
  • Bridging Activities (PDF)
  • Sample Scheme of Work (PDF)
  • Examples of Student Work (PDF)

A complete document with the package is also available (PDF 3MB)