Web Dynamics 2002

2nd International Workshop on Web Dynamics

In conjunction with WWW 2002 , Honolulu, Hawaii, 7th May 2002

Online Proceedings

Web Structure and Evolution

Web Structure, Age, and Page Quality, R. Baeza-Yates, F. Saint-Jean and C. Castillo pdf

A Steady State Model for Graph Power Law, D. Eppstein and J. Wang pdf

A Multi-Layer Model for the Web Graph, L. Laura, S. Leonardi, G. Caldarelli and P. De Los Rios pdf

XML Technologies

Modeling Adaptive Hypermedia with an Object-Oriented Approach and XML, M. Cannataro, A. Cuzzocrea, C. Mastroianni, R. Ortale and A. Pugliese pdf

A Logico-Categorical Semantics of XML/DOM, C. H. C. Duarte pdf

XML Structure Compression, M. Levene, P.Wood pdf

Web Information Retrieval

Criteria for Evaluating Information Retrieval Systems in Highly Dynamic Environments, J. Bar-Ilan pdf

Query Language for Structural Retrieval of Deep Web Information, S. Mueller, R-D. Schimkat and R.Muller pdf

Exploration versus Exploitation in Topic Driven Crawlers, G. Pant, P. Srinivasan and F. Menczer pdf

Dynamic Applications

WebVigil: An approach to Just-In-Time Information Propagation In Large Network-Centric Environments, S. Chakravarthy, J. Jacob, N. Pandrangi and A. Sanka pdf

Caching Schema for Mobile Web information Retrieval R. Lee, K. Goshima, Y. Kambayashi and H. Takakura pdf

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