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The development of a system for supporting the lifelong learner, Freitas, I.Harrison, G.Magoulas, A.Mee, F.Mohamad, M.Oliver, G.Papamarkos, A.Poulovassilis. British Journal of Educational Technology, 37(6), pp 867-880, November 2006. Special Issue on Collaborative e-Support for Lifelong Learning.

L4All - a web-service based system for Lifelong Learners , Freitas, G.Magoulas, M.Oliver, G.Papamarkos, A.Poulovassilis, I.Harrison, A.Mee. Proceedings of eChallenges'2006 (Workshop on Next Generation in Technology Enhanced Learning), 25-27 October 2006, Barcelona. IOS Press, pp 1477-1484.

A services-enabled environment for personalising Lifelong Learning Pathways, G.Magoulas, G.Papamarkos, A.Poulovassilis. In Proceedings of the Workshop on Applying Service Oriented Architectures to Adaptive Information Systems, at AHM'2006, Dublin, 20-23 June, 2006. (Lecture Notes in Learning and Teaching, Weibelzahl, S. and Cristea, A. (eds), pp 140-147, ISSN 1649-8623).

User Testing Session at CCH Print E-mail

Dr Sara de Freitas conducted the final user testing session at CCH on 14th of March 2006.  Version 2 of the L4All system was used, and responses from all participants will be collated and reported in the final project report at the end of March 2006.

Advances in Web Based Education: Personalised Learning Environment Print E-mail

New release of a book edited by George D. Magoulas & Sherry Y. Chen: "Advances in Web-Based Education: Personalized Learning Environments".  Available now at  Idea Group Publishing

Personalizing Learning in the 21st Century Print E-mail

New release of a book edited by Sara de Freitas and Chris Yapp. Available by the end of October from Network Educational Press.

14th Core Team Meeting Print E-mail
Photos from the 3rd Advisory Group meeting Print E-mail

During the last Advisory Group meeting, the snapshots of the team members in their discussions have been taken -- and here are some of the moments captured on film.

Thank you everyone for participating!

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12th Core Team Meeting Print E-mail
3rd Advisory Group meeting Print E-mail

All advisory group & core team members are cordially invited to attend our next Advisory Group meeting, which is scheduled on the 9th of September 2005.

11th Core Team Meeting Print E-mail

All team members are invited to attend our next core team meeting on the 8th of September 2005.  Details are as follows: