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New release of a book edited by George D. Magoulas & Sherry Y. Chen: "Advances in Web-Based Education: Personalized Learning Environments".  Available now at  Idea Group Publishing

George Magoulas and Sherry Chen have just successfully published a book titled "Advances in Web-Based Education : Personalized Learning Environments".

The synopsis:

Web-based education has influenced educational practice, fostered initiatives to widen participation, increased learner autonomy, as well as facilitated informal and workplace learning. In this context, learning takes place progressively by making students actively participate in instructional decisions, and supporting them individually to assess their personal learning goals. This book presents recent advances in Web-based education from various countries around the world that aim to accommodate the needs of individual learners. It includes 14 chapters that cover a variety of ways to integrate personalisation technologies in Web-based education and demonstrate their use and value in designing content, navigation and interface adaptation to create the next generation of web-based learning environments.

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