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Details for DC.3 Report on adoption of L4All by FE/HE Institutions
NameDC.3 Report on adoption of L4All by FE/HE Institutions

This document reports on the requirements for adoption of L4All by FE/HE institutions and its potential impact.

This report is the result of an initial investigation of how L4All and its pilot versions can be migrated to operational use. The study describes L4All as a software artefact, the social settings in which it is expected to support learners and the various layers of other interacting software artefacts it needs in order to operate and provide meaningful services to end-users and their supporters e.g. career advisors, tutors, peers. Further it describes the mechanisms through which the artefact is delivered to organisational settings through which, in turn the learners will access the artefact for the first time.

The study has identified three levels of adoption of the system by learners:firstly they will be inspired to use L4All for immediate needs e.g. in finding the most appropriate next step in their interaction with education providers; secondly, to populate the system with their personal information; and thirdly to support their peers by forming virtual communities on the platforms provided. The study has reflected on the activities that need to be enacted to ensure the first level of adoption and to foster the second and third levels.

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