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Workshop on Personalised Technologies for Lifelong Learning Print E-mail

 Workshop on Personalised Technologies for Lifelong Learning
18th November 2008

The Workshop aims to provide a forum for discussing personalised technologies for
supporting lifelong learners, disseminate work conducted in the MyPlan JISC
project, learn from other projects, and identify issues of common interest and
concern for possible further investigation.

Venue: School of Computer Science and Information Systems, Birkbeck, University of London. Room 124, First Floor, North Block of Senate House –please see for maps and directions (the  School is at location 9 on the map at



10.00 Arrival and coffee/tea

10.30‐12.00 Session 1
Talks from MyPlan team members on issues relating to planning of
lifelong learning, lifelong learner modelling, and use of virtual worlds for
supporting learners:

Nicholas Van Labeke, Nottingham University: Using Similarity Metrics
for Matching Lifelong Learners in MyPlan (presentation available through the Documents section)

Hassan Baajour, LKL: A Learner Ontology for Planning of Lifelong Learning (presentation available through the Documents section)

Sara de Freitas, Coventry University

12.00‐12.30 Discussion

12.30‐1.30 Lunch and networking

1.30‐3.00 Session 2

Simon Grant, Consultant, JISC CETIS: How Semantic Web Ideas connect
to portfolio interoperability (presentation available through the Documents section)

Andrew Ravenscroft, London Metropolitan University: Personalisation as
practices: issues, challenges and future directions for design (presentation available through the Documents section)

Shailey Minocha, Open University: Investigating the Efficacy of Social
Software in Education, a Case Study Approach (presentation available through the Documents section)

3.00 – 4.00 Plenary: Next Generation Environments for Lifelong Learning

4.00 Wrap‐up and Coffee/tea

4.15 – 5.00 MyPlan project Advisory Group Meeting


MyPlan publications Print E-mail
The papers are available in the Documents section
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Publications Print E-mail

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